Monday, March 12, 2012

Tonsil Yeti CD

This is the cover(front and back) for TONSIL YETI'S first CD! They are from Flagstaff and a pleasure to work with! We did many roughs back and forth, and I guess they had an epiphany. The airship took shape. An airship being driven by a drunken(still drinking) yeti, and a crew tormenting a businessman that is hanging on for dear life with a bomb tied to his ankle. The album is titled A Bomb and a Bull.

Whill of Agora

This is a book project I was proud to work on recently. It was for a book published through CreateSpace which is called Whill of Agora. Look for it! I read some excerpts and its very well written. I hope to work with the author more in the future.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Imagine FX page!

Yes, I got some validation for my hard work! I submitted some artwork to Imagine FX magazine a couple months ago. Someone emailed me and told me he liked the blurb with my artwork. I didn't even know I was in the magazine! I would have never known if he didn't email me. Shout out to Wayne from Yorkshire :D

My blurb was about how I believe its never too late to become the artist you want to be, and I encourage everyone to do what they need to do to make it happen. Get your dreams! I recommend starting at Its a terrific website with all of the tutorials, forums, and helpful members that you would ever need. I am Artfix on Send me a friend message and I'll tell you where to go on the site :D

Here is the mag page. Its issue #78--page 13--the art nouveau issue.

Time Assassin CHOW

Finally an update! I have been BUSY which is a good thing. I had some good commissions this last month. I also squeezed in a CHOW from This is the Time Assassin. He's from the future, and he's come to the wild west to assassinate someone and hopefully make the world a better place in his time by doing so.

Here are the wips(works in progress)

This first wip is what I came up with out of my head. I realized the pose was weak/stiff/unconvincing and I needed reference to improve it.

So I shot some pics of myself in my room doing this pose and it added a lot to the gesture of the pose. You can tell he is reacting to something behind him, and he's got his hand near his gun holster.

I overlayed some stuff from a google search I did for "steampunk machines".
This is the final image. I made the light behind him pretty orange, and the blue from the monitor is the complimentary color to orange. I rarely use complimentary colors because they are very abrasive opposites. They should be renamed to uncomplimentary colors IMO.