Monday, August 29, 2011

Soterion:Haspen Altar

Another project I'm working on over at It is an aspiring traditional RPG which uses Christian mythos as the backbone for its story and characters. I thought it sounded like a good niche and so I was brought on to help with the RPG book which will include the rules, stats, and of course, artwork of the game!

I've not been cleared to show all of the artwork but I asked special permission for my favorite one I've done so far. This image depicts a sacrifice about to take place. The maniacal leader incites the mob.

Here are some thumbs and a wip too.

Firaxe Book Cover Challenge

Heya folks. This was a challenge at This is the link:

The idea was to create a book cover for a story soon to be published called Firaxe. I wasn't doing the real cover--this was just a challenge. Greg Manchess did the real cover and this is his blog showing it: A few soldiers on a snowy planet are sent to check out the site of a crashed space ship. But this ship happens to be the first alien ship ever to be seen! We are not alone!

This is my submission and my thumbs and wips for it. Thanks for looking :D