Sunday, May 19, 2013


I enjoyed painting a couple hummingbirds several years ago that were on 6x6 panels. I still enjoy painting birds and I hope to do more. These new ones are 12x12. I'm also experimenting with expressive colors, backgrounds, and compositions of negative space.

Hope you like them too!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fantasy map!

Painting these maps is so fun! It's just totally different from the other illustrations I do. The main and obvious difference is that there is 2/3 painting, and 1/3 design. I don't normally like design--adobe illustrator makes me want to club baby seals after about 5 minutes, but the minimal design used in tandem with painting the little trees and mountains is really cool. I had a blast on this.

This is another book cover for a local small press. They have someone else doing the design. This was one of the easier covers I've done. It just came together easily--the client and I fell onto the same page right away.

Two new Ebook covers

Michael and Todd have been great to work with. It's a really fun experience to foster an ongoing relationship with repeat clients. I don't know if they have managed to add these to their books available on Amazon yet so you're getting a sneak peek here! I did the type for both of these too.